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狂賀!!!本系 呂傑華老師榮升教授 狂賀!!!本系 陳素梅老師榮升副教授~~ 賀!!本系學生黃致賢、張利琦錄取國立東華大學中等教育學程~~賀!!2017年商業數據分析師證照考取榜單 本系學生通過率91.3% ~~~~ 賀!!本系系友考取公職 楊永聚、吳佩純、曾亞媛、賴文婷、張筱涵、吳德揚、廖婉玲、林德鳳、郭志賢、陳依婷、程昱偉、莊文軒、謝居璋、吳孟蓉、戴正明、王維禎、陳億萱、田介軫、鍾琬屏、許庭榕、林香蓮、劉又綸~~~恭喜以上校友同學~~~

About us
The department program focuses on two major disciplines in social sciences: Sociology and Political Sciences which form the basic modules for the undergraduate learning. The department aims to provide a friendly learning platform in contributing to the theoretical and critical thinking on social issues and public affairs. Through training in teaching and research, the students should be well-equipped with knowledge of Sociology, public administration and policy research and skills in research methods for their future career and further education.
Master Program of Sociology
The program is one of the most important research institutes in sociology in the eastern Taiwan. The mission of the academic training is to provide basic but critical sociological training with skills in analysis of social issues under the global age. The research strength of the Department has been put on the following:
1. Multidisciplinary Social Theory on Development.
2. Social Issues under Global Change.
3. Issues of Development.
4. Research Methods
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